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·         I had been looking for a good riding mule for almost a year when I finally called Dora. I had ridden all sorts of “Bomb Proof” mules that turned out to be crazier than any horse I had ever ridden. Frustrated and on the verge of giving up, I called Diamond D Mule Farm after one of these rides. The last mule I tried was a kicking and biting fool that I had been lied to about hoping I would just buy without trying. I had been on the Diamond D website for about a year and watched a few videos of the mules that they had for sale, all of them seemed calm and willing to work. So I swallowed my pride and called up Dora and told her I wanted to buy a mule and explained my history of horse caused injuries. Her first question was “What are you looking for?” my answer “A babysitter that won’t get me killed.” Needless to say the next day a made the three hour drive to her farm to try out a mule that was EXACTLY as she described! That was such a change, Dora spent about 3 hours with me and the mule making sure that I knew how to ride her. That was the first time I have ever had any kind of training on how to ride a horse and I learned so much from her that I went ahead and bought my mule, Twisted Sister. After I bought her, I found out that Dora did not own the mule and was selling her for a friend. She did not make a nickel on this sale and still took three hours out of her day to make sure that I was completely comfortable with this animal. This speaks volumes to me about her character, honesty, and dedication to putting the right person on the right animal! The next weekend I made the drive out to the farm and competed in a Gymkhana event with my new mule! Dora and Maria have taken care of me and treated me like family on this deal and I can assure you that when I purchase my next mule (Luna?????) or if I hear of anyone looking for a mule they will get referred to Diamond D Mule Farm! Oh and one more thing, her entire barn staff is top notch and they all will help you in whatever you are trying to accomplish.

By the way, Sister and I have a motto, “Slow and steady!” I look forward to riding her for many miles and for many years.
------Matt Blakemore, WV

DiaMond D Mule Farm (513) 616-5135

Jason Bowling

Here's what our customers are saying...

My wife, Desiree and I were looking for a new horse due to one of ours coming up with navicular.  While looking for a horse we came across a nice looking and what we thought was a well mannered mule.  We went and looked at him, rode him and he had potential.  I had ridden my father-in-law's mule before and loved the way he rode.  So we bought this mule, later to be named Andy.  We got Andy home and my first try getting on him to ride him wasn't successful to say the least.  I could not even get my foot in the stirrup with my saddle on him.  In the following days he managed to destroy a stall in my father-in-law's barn; he said it was time he found a new home after only about two weeks.  Some friends of the family had a mule being trained by Dora and suggested we contact her.  We decided to see if Dora could do anything with him I originally gave her two weeks to see if she could fix him.  We loaded up and drove to visit Dora, (Andy, father-in-law and myself).  Upon arriving at Diamond D, Dora met us and was very friendly.We unloaded Andy to let Dora evaluate him; part of the problem with him was my saddle didn't fit him at all.  Dora got one of her saddles, tacked him up and got right on Andy.  Within 15 minutes of her working with him, my father-in-law and I knew she could fix any problem Andy had.  Two weeks had passed so the wife and I visited Andy to see how he was doing.  He was a totally different mule.  While riding him, when you ask him to do it, he did it.  Andy remained with Dora for two more weeks.  Dora suggested Wyoming Saddlery for my new saddle.  Bill owns the company and took very good care of me just like Dora did.  Before bringing Andy home after 30 days I rode Andy with his new saddle I got him.  During his stay with Dora, she keep us up to date with how Andy was doing. Since picking him up, Andy gets better and better every trip out.  Last weekend we went to Shawnee State Forest I was able to lead Andy to the trail head, lay the reins down and he went right down the trail without a single problem.  It was great to actually be able to ride and not have to worry about making sure he was good on the trail.  He didn't try to wonder off trail or misbehave at all.If you are in the area and need a mule turned from an ok mule to an awesome mule everyone wants, take him to Dora.  Her and her staff can do amazing things with mules.  If Andy has anymore problems or if we get another mule, I know who will be training him for us!  Thank you Diamond D for turning our piece of coal into a sparkling diamond!      -----Jason & Desiree' Bowling, and Andy the mule, Burlington, KY

Emily Shank

Here's what our customers are saying...

Several years ago I decided I wanted to learn to ride.  I started riding lesson on a horse and that just didn't seem to work for me.  Having no experience I felt I could not handle any problems that might occur.  When I finally admitted that I was afraid it was time to quit.  I did quite a bit of reading and realized that a mule might be a better choice for me.  I started checking websites for mule farms in Ohio. I found Diamond D Mule Farm in Hillsboro, Ohio.  Just what I was looking for...boarding, training, public mule rides, arena and riding lessons.  I was impressed with the website, very professional, and I felt this would be a first class operation.  This did present a problem in distance as Hillsboro is a two hours drive for me.  I decided if I was going to try this mule thing I  needed to be with someone that has experience.  I could not consider the two hour drive....I had to go where I thought I could benefit the most.  That was such a stroke of genius on my part.  Dora is a teacher.  That really says it all, she is a teacher. The first time I climbed on that mule I didn't know how to hold the reins.....and good grief I have to use my legs to guide this mule?  I was learning to ride and I loved it!About this time I realized I was going to have to get a mule.  Because I have zero equine experience I ask Dora if she would start looking for a mule that would fit my skill level.  This was another stroke of genius on my part. She has such a love and understanding of mules I knew if she found one it would be perfect for me.  And, she did!  I have done two trail rides with Dora just to be sure he is bomb proof.  She delivered Ted to me last Friday and I couldn't be happier.  It wasn't just finding the right mule, Dora coached me thru the saddle process....the bit...the headstall....well you get the picture.  In a short time she took me from zero knowledge to someone confident enough to saddle up my own mule and go for a ride.

If you have ever thought about doing a mule ride.....or taking lessons I have some sound advice for you.  Do it now, do it with Dora at Diamond D.  If she can teach a 70 year old woman to ride a mule I'm sure she can teach you.  My only regret is I didn't do this years ago.  I sure missed out on a lot of fun, but I plan to make up for it now.

---Emily Shank, Eaton, OH