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Diamond d mule farm welcome page hillsboro, ohio

Diamond D Mule Farm is located in beautiful  Ohio.  It is a first class facility built in 2005 with a 14 stall MD Barn and indoor arena.  Diamond D Mule Farm is proud to be the home of General Bob.  Bob is available for breeding live cover and now shipped cooled semen is available.  We can provide pasture boarding,  stall boarding, arena rental for riding out of the weather or for fun shows, and some limited sales.  Most of all we are here to promote mules and their many fine qualities and to prove that mules can and do everything a horse can!     


We have at stud one of the best mammoth breeding jacks in the country, General Bob, a black, gaited, 59 & 1/2 inch Registered Jack. He is passing on his exceptional disposition, gait, small head and show quality conformation.  He is always ready to be of assistance to the ladies or just be on the receiving end of any treats or love pats from one of his many visitors.   


Please call, stop by, or e-mail us to talk mules and all their glory!  If you're in the market for a new mule, give us a call and see what we have available.

General Bob's Grey Skye
Quality work by a classy lady, Sandy James
Reminiscing on some of our rides
DiaMond D Mule Farm's Brand
DiaMond D Mule Farm Logo Hats
What a wonderful weekend we've had.jpg.jpg.jpgwith Maria Crank
Dora and Bella on the Trails
General Bob's Cisco
Dora and Maria
Grulla Paso Mare & General Bob Baby
General Bob's Pilgrim
General Bob's Ginger and Morgan
General Bob
General Bob's Grand Duke
Cowboy Mounted Shooting on Dixie
Maria Crank and Pumpkin
Morgan Reynolds & General Bob's Lola
Maria Crank at Paint Creek at Dusk
Dora and General Bob's Grey Skye
Dixie and Dora Shooting 'em Up
Through Cisco's Ear
Dora and Magnum at World Show
Leggs and her babies
Diamond D Mule Farm- Hannah Van Zant
Gorgeous back yard sunset made more perfect now that my dad is back home.  Thank you all for your pr
Maria and Pumpkin
Winter at DiaMond D Mule Farm
General Bob's Grey Skye
Dora and Big Tall Sally
Cisco and I at Cowtown Arena, KY
Dora Psiakis and Maria Crank
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