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Boarding Options 


DiaMond D Mule Farm is proud to provide different boarding options for all budgets and needs.  We provide Stall Board and Pasture Board for your equine partners.   We have ample turnout for your equine to exercise and stretch their legs.  We also have a 72' x 144' arena available for your use to ride and train no matter what the weather is, rain or shine.  We are very excited about the future here at DiaMond D Mule Farm!  Not to mention we have some nice trails right off our beautiful property, no need to trailer to enjoy the outdoors.   We also feature a gated entrance and security cameras for your animal's safe keeping and your tack.

Diamond D Mule Farm's
Diamond D Mule Farm's Stalls by MD Barns, 12'x12' matted stalls
Stall Board 


We have 12'x12' MD Barn galvanized steel and matted stalls for your equine's comfort and safety.  With our stall board we provide you with twice a day feedings of first class hay and our specially formulated grain mixture.  We also have your stall cleaned and bedded with stall pellets.  Shavings and any special grain like Senior Feed or any other specific brand bagged grain will be at owner's own expense.  Also any supplements that your equine partner is on, we will be glad to feed for you. We will make sure that your equine's basic needs are taken cared of so all is ready for you to groom and ride either in our indoor arena, trails, or coming Summer 2016 our newly constructed outdoor arena.  Farrier/dewormings/and any and all Vet care/blanketing/and turnout is owner's own responsibility and expense.  Special arrangements can be made with us if you would like us to perfom some of these duties  Current Stall Board Fee is $350 per month.

Diamond D Mule farm's indoor arena a K building 72x144
Pasture Board


We are very happy to provide our customers with ample and lush 24 hour Pasture Board on our 72 acre farm.  We have multiple paddocks all with run-in sheds to protect your equine from the elements and flies.  Pasture board customers have access to all the amenities of the farm including hot wash stall, indoor arena and our trails.  Current Pasture Board Fee is $200 per animal per month.

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