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Matt Blakemore, WV

"I had been looking for a good riding mule for almost a year when I finally called Dora. I had ridden all sorts of “Bomb Proof” mules that turned out to be crazier than any horse I had ever ridden. Frustrated and on the verge of giving up, I called Diamond D Mule Farm after one of these rides. The last mule I tried was a kicking and biting fool that I had been lied to about hoping I would just buy without trying. I had been on the Diamond D website for about a year and watched a few videos of the mules that they had for sale, all of them seemed calm and willing to work. So I swallowed my pride and called up Dora and told her I wanted to buy a mule and explained my history of horse caused injuries. Her first question was “What are you looking for?” my answer “A babysitter that won’t get me killed.” Needless to say the next day a made the three hour drive to her farm to try out a mule that was EXACTLY as she described! That was such a change, Dora spent about 3 hours with me and the mule making sure that I knew how to ride her. That was the first time I have ever had any kind of training on how to ride a horse and I learned so much from her that I went ahead and bought my mule, Twisted Sister. After I bought her, I found out that Dora did not own the mule and was selling her for a friend. She did not make a nickel on this sale and still took three hours out of her day to make sure that I was completely comfortable with this animal. This speaks volumes to me about her character, honesty, and dedication to putting the right person on the right animal! The next weekend I made the drive out to the farm and competed in a Gymkhana event with my new mule! Dora and Maria have taken care of me and treated me like family on this deal and I can assure you that when I purchase my next mule (Luna?????) or if I hear of anyone looking for a mule they will get referred to Diamond D Mule Farm! Oh and one more thing, her entire barn staff is top notch and they all will help you in whatever you are trying to accomplish.

By the way, Sister and I have a motto, “Slow and steady!” I look forward to riding her for many miles and for many years."



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